How do I sign up for meetinvest?
  1. Go to
  2. Find the New User? box under the Sign In box.
  3. Enter your First and Last name, email address, and choose a password.
  4. Click Register.
  5. On the next page, type in an interest you have and click +Add.
  6. You may also click list of interests to choose from a comprehensive list of interests and check the box next to at least two interests.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. After you have selected at least two interests click Next.
  9. On the next page you can complete your profile or “Skip for now” to add this information later.
  10. Click Add a profile picture to select a photo to use as your profile picture that will be displayed to other meetinvest users.
  11. Click Add a cover image to select an image to be displayed at the top of your profile page and that will be visible to other meetinvest users.
  12. Next, choose your Gender, Birthdate, Country, and City.
  13. Under Preferred Languages type your preferred language(s) then click the Add button.
  14. Click the Next button to create your account.
  15. meetinvest will send a confirmation email to the address you entered within a few minutes. Click on the link in the email to confirm your email and access your account.
How do I attach files/pictures/links to posts/comments/thoughts?
  1. Next to the field where you entered your text there are three icons.
  2. Click the Paperclip to attach a file.
  3. Click the Camera to attach a photo.
  4. Click the Linked Chain to attach a link.
  5. Click Post Comment.
How do I send someone a message?
  1. Click the Message button located under the Follow button on his or her profile page.
  2. Click inside the text box and write your message.
  3. Click Send to send your message.
How do I add a comment to a post?
  1. On each post there is the option to add a comment.
  2. Click Comment at the bottom right of the post.
  3. Click inside the white box and write your comment.
  4. Click Post Comment to send/post the comment.
How do I save a helpful post?
  1. Click Helpful at the bottom of a post to show your appreciation as well as saving it to review again later.
  2. Click the small meetinvest logo at the top right of your screen in to the left of the small profile picture to view the posts you marked as helpful.
Where do I find the posts I saved as helpful?
  1. Click the small meetinvest logo at the top right of your screen to the left of the small profile picture.
How do I use the Run Strategy feature?
  1. Click the red Run Strategy button at the top right of the page.
  2. Click the blue Create New Stocklist button to get started.
  3. In the window, you can name your stocklist, choose your strategy, choose the notification frequency, make notes, and pick your countries of interest.
  4. Click Create to see which stocks fit your selections.
How do I log out of my account?
  1. Click the small profile picture at the top right of the page.
  2. Click Log Out from the drop down menu.
How do I report abuse?
  1. Click the red Report button on the bottom right of any comment or post and a message will be sent directly to the meetinvest team who will investigate and take the appropriate action.
How do I send suggestions, feedback, or contact meetinvest?
  1. The Contact button is located conveniently at the bottom of each page.
  2. Clicking Contact brings you to the contact page where you send us a message.
  3. Enter your first and last name, company / organization, function, mobile number, phone number, email address, website, and your message.
  4. Click Send.
  5. We look forward to hearing from you!
How do I follow/unfollow other meetinvest users?
  1. Each user has a blue Follow button on his or her profile. It is located on the right hand side just underneath the cover image.
  2. To follow someone, click the Follow button. If the buttons says “Unfollow” then you are already following them.
I did not receive a confirmation email!
  1. The confirmation email may have been accidently scooped up by your email’s spam filter. If you haven’t already, take a quick in you spam folder for the confirmation email.
  2. You may also try to login using your email and password.
  3. If your account is not yet activated, click Resend Email.
How do I change my password?
  1. At this time it is only possible to reset your password from the sign in page using the Forgot Password? button.
How do I change my profile picture / cover image?
  1. Go to your Profile page by clicking the small version of your profile picture in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. At the bottom right hand side of your cover image you will see two boxes labeled Change Profile Image and Change Cover Image.
  3. Click whichever you would like to change and choose a new file.
How do I join a group?
  1. Click on Groups from the top menu bar (in between Insights and Run Strategies).
  2. Enter a keyword in the search box and click the magnifying glass to search for groups.
  3. Also, check out the box under the search box for some suggestions of Groups that might interest you.
  4. Alternatively, you may want to Discover More Groups.
  5. When you find a group you’d like to join click Join Group on the right hand side of the page under the cover image of the group.
How do I leave a group?
  1. Open the group page.
  2. Click Leave Group on the right hand side of the page under the cover image of the group.
How do I create a new group?
  1. Open the Groups page by clicking the link at the top of your screen (in between Insights and Run Strategies).
  2. On the Your Groups page, click the blue box labeled Create New Group above the list of your groups.
  3. In the box that opens you can +Add a group picture, +Add a cover image, Name your group, and Describe your group.
  4. Choose the Preferred interests for your group (for example: Ancient Greek coins or Warren Buffet).
  5. Click the red Next button.
  6. Here you may choose to invite people you are following or who are following you to the group.
  7. You can also see the invitees and also remove invitees by clicking the x to the right of their name.
  8. You may also choose to skip this step for the moment, in which case, simply click Skip for now.
  9. After selecting whom you would like to invite, click the red Send Invites button to create your group.
How do I delete a group / change the name of a group?
  1. At this time it is not possible to delete a group or change the name.
How do I delete a post?
  1. At this time it is not possible to delete a post.
How do I become an Expert Contributor?
  1. There are two ways to become an Expert Contributor
  2. The first is to be promoted by meetinvest users to the Expert level through earning Helpful clicks on submitted posts or comments.
  3. The second is to be selected by the meetinvest team for valuable contributions made to the platform content.
  4. Each time a post or comment you post on the platform is rated as Helpful by another user, you earn one Helpful-credit point that brings you closer to the next level.
  5. Every user starts out as an Enthusiast and through posting content rated Helpful by others you can advance to the 2nd  level, Specialist.
  6. Finally the top (3rd) level is the Expert level.