How often are the strategy screens updated?

meetinvest screens are run every weekday (5x per week) excluding Saturday and Sunday. The cut-off time is after the U.S. exchanges have closed. This way we can provide all users around the world with timely information before their local exchanges are opening again. A table of passing companies is shown each day including the new in’s and out’s.

How can I keep track of the past performance screens?

After the end of each month we calculate the updated hypothetical portfolio performance for each strategy and certain regions. We do this only once a month and not on a daily basis! Hence the hypothetical performance assumes that a portfolio is adjusted/rebalanced only once a month for practical reasons. For the avoidance of doubt, any backtested hypothetical performance chart assumes the portfolio is adjusted and rebalanced only monthly and does not consider slippage or transaction costs.


Do the results of the screens represent actual stocks picked by the relevant author/ strategist?

No! The criteria and formula for each screen are defined by our interpretation of the investment approaches after studying all relevant literature available (books, research papers, reports, interviews). An author/strategist may or may not actually invest in a passing stock. The idea is to replicate the investment philosophy of the chosen author/strategist.

Do you take any stock that fulfils the criteria?

No! We consciously want to avoid situations where a group of investors is pushing an illiquid micro cap stock up or down. Therefore, our screen only considers stocks that have a minimum market capitalisation of USD 600 million.


How do you do the selection?

All active listed stocks worldwide (today more than 68,000!) are screened every day by our systems. Those stocks that meet all the pre-defined criteria pass the test and are displayed on the output list as “in”-stocks. Each author/strategist has different rules and parameters. Whenever new data comes in (e.g. higher market price or fundamental data changed) and the screen does not meet all required criteria anymore, the stock goes to the “out”-stock list and is removed.

How can I invest without doing the work myself?

meetinvest is not a registered or licensed investment advisor and therefore cannot provide any investment advise. Our mission is to provide valuable content for free to the general public. Please talk to your investment advisor.

Does the hypothetical performance consider costs?

No! Please be aware that neither transaction costs nor slippage are considered in the hypothetical calculation and must be deducted in a real live environment. Transaction cost is the commission you pay to your bank or broker for executing a buy or sell order. Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a buy (or sell) and the price the trade actually executed at. It also includes the price difference (spread) between bid/ask price.

Do the performance charts show what I could have done using the screen?

The charts reflect a hypothetical backtested portfolio of buying and selling every month end despite the fact that you can get the updates of new “in”-stocks and “out-“-stocks every day. It shows price gains (dividends included). As there are changes in the hypothetical portfolio there are costs involved (transaction and slippage) which are difficult to estimate and are therefore not considered.

If I like an approach, can I simply invest in the list of passing companies each month?

We provide these stock screens as a service. The screens are not meant as investment recommendations, but as companies that fulfil certain criteria of specific investment strategies. Each screen attempts to identify a different type of company for a different type of investment style. The companies that match each screen are only a first step in the investment process and further analysis (including but not limited to the right timing) should always be done before actually investing in a company’s stock.

Can I see past screen results showing all the “in” and “out” stocks?

We display the results from the start of our service October 1, 2014. Screening results prior to that are not available.

Are the provided formulas all you used for the screen?

Yes. The formulas are our interpretation of the individual investment approaches after studying all available information. On top of giving you an educational tool and the ability to exchange with other people around the globe with a similar investment interests, this platform is our contribution to provide Wall Street know-how to everybody at no cost.

What is the meaning of the red and green dots on the output list?

The colors show, on a daily basis, if a particular stock looks strong (green) or weak (red) in a technical sense (employing technical analysis). In finance, technical analysis is a security analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of stock prices based on the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. The section “HOW – Protecting Profits” explains in detail the underlying rule for this signal.