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The anticipation was huge. Temenos Community Forum held in Barcelona on the 18th & 19th of May, was an event where the Banking, Finance and Fintech worlds collided. With over 1200 attendees, it was a great platform for us to engage with potential partners. It was also the stage for the Innovation Jam finals 2016. The 12 finalists made it to the finals from 4 regional innovation jams held earlier this year. 90 Fin-Tech innovations had applied of which 40 were selected to present at those regional competitions.

It’s Jam Time!

Innovation Jam Finals Audience

Innovation Jam Finals Audience

As you can see from this picture, the audience were eagerly anticipating the final. The final event was structured with the 12 finalists presenting back to back, each giving a 7-minute demo of their product. The winners were chosen in a real-time democracy…the audience downloaded an app and were given the chance to vote on their favourite presentation. To add to the pressure, the finals were also being streamed-live online.

Michel Jacquemai Temenos Innovation Jam Final 2016

Michel Jacquemai Presenting @ Temenos Innovation Jam Final 2016

Our Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer Michel Jacquemai had to keep his cool and wait his turn, as he was up close to the end of the competition. With 11 high calibre competitors to go up against, the meetinvest demo had to be one that would catch the crowd’s attention and add value in some way to their daily business.

Final Scores Temenos Innovation Jam meetinvest

The results are in!

Michel did not disappoint. As the title to this blog may have given away, meetinvest snagged 3rd place in the Temenos Innovation Jam 2016 Final. Had this been the Olympics, we would have been on the podium! We are honoured to have been a part of this fantastic event and want to thank Temenos (especially Aaron Petheon) for the opportunity and for organising such an exciting competition and to everyone who was in the audience… thanks for the votes! Of course, we would like to say well done to all of our competitors. It was a very closely fought battle and we wish them all the best moving forward.

Temenos Marketplace:

There was time to have a very quick coffee after the competition, then straight to our spot at the Temenos Community Forum Marketplace. It was here that attendees and members of the audience could come by and learn more about our white-label, single stock robo advisor. Maria Jacquemai, CEO and Co-Founder and Michel Jacquemai were more than happy to answer any questions from the presentation and go into even more detail about our service.

Co-Founders Maria and Michel Jacquemai at the TCF Marketplace

Co-Founders Maria and Michel Jacquemai at the TCF Marketplace

Temenos had a computer set up allowing Temenos bank clients to click through our Robo proposition within the marketplace environment (we had integrated our Robo with Temenos marketplace in the back-end prior to the event). This enabled them to get a feeling for the one of a kind service that we are offering. We are so pleased with the reaction from all of those who came to our spot at the marketplace.

meetinvest Robo advisor Temenos Marketplace

A visitor trying out meetinvest

We had a lot of interesting discussions with interested potential partners and would like to thank all of you who stopped by to find out more.

Moving forward:

We have had a very busy couple of weeks attending conferences in different continents. We have had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it and are so glad to have made so many new contacts. We are happy to be able to confirm that only 3 months after presenting our Robo we have signed our first deal with a Swiss private bank!

Exciting times lie ahead!

If anyone was at TCF 2016 or any of the previous events we attended and didn’t get a chance to speak to us, please go onto our website and get in touch via the contact us section. We would love to hear from you.

Until next time,

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