meetinvest UK Guru stock portfolio performance

For quite some time we noticed that one of our expert strategy screens (Piotroski U.S.), in which we have invested our own money, hasn’t created a large enough list of stocks which made it very difficult to run a well diversified portfolio. The main reason for this is that the specific criteria/hurdles of the Piotroski […]

multiple stock guru strategies on

Numerous users have contacted us asking for a feature that would allow them to create baskets consisting of more than one expert, and we are excited to now launch this new feature on meetinvest! In periods where stock prices are less attractive, it can happen that there are not enough stocks in a particular expert […]

Historical monthly relative performance

Lots of users have asked us an important question recently: “How do I see the outperformance developments over time, if it’s increasing or shrinking?” To answer this question, we have programmed a statistical analysis graph – the so-called “historical monthly relative performance”. Currently on meetinvest, you may only look at the hypothetical back-tested performance graph […]