Benjamin Volk Quantitative Investment Analyst meetinvest

By Dr. Benjamin Volk, Quantitative Investment Analyst at meetinvest: While I was catching up with a good friend of mine (who lately discovered meetinvest) over a cup of coffee last weekend, he asked me the following question, which I felt might be of general interest: “What should I do if a stock is no longer […]


By Dr. Benjamin Volk, Quantitative Investment Analyst for meetinvest: Suppose you have just received your annual bonus at work, claimed an inheritance, won a contest, or have just saved up for a while and have $1000 to invest. The natural question to ask is: What can I do with my spare money? In this post, […]

Michael O'Higgins Stock Screener

Michael O’Higgins — Dogs of the Dow Stock investing expert Michael O’Higgins’ ‘Dogs of the Dow’ investment strategy on meetinvest offers a formulaic method for beating the market. The frequently published investor is best known for his books ‘Beating the Dow’ and its follow-up ‘Beating the Dow with Bonds’. Finding the Dogs When Michael O’Higgins […]

James Oberweis Stock Screener

James Oberweis — Octagon Investing Stock investing expert James Oberweis’ Octagon investment strategy finds fast growing companies at attractive prices. The University of Chicago MBA graduate is well published and president of Oberweis Asset Management, Inc. in Chicago. Finding Aggressive Growers Oberweis has created a set of eight criteria that investors can use to find […]

Patrick O’Shaughnessy Stock Screener

Patrick O’Shaughnessy: Investment for Millennials With the realization that the tech bubble of the 1990s and the financial meltdown of 2008 had jaded an entire generation of potential investors, stock investment expert Patrick O’Shaughnessy, son of James O’Shaughnessy, wrote “Millennial Money: How Young Investors Can Build a Fortune”. The purpose of the book is to […]

Walter Schloss Stock Screener

Walter Schloss, the Low-Stress Investor Walter Schloss is a man who avoided stress in his work and was named a Superinvestor by Warren Buffett. In his 67-year career on Wall Street, Schloss learned from and worked for the best, namely, Benjamin Graham (another expert featured on meetinvest). Over a 45-year span, he managed to garner […]

Luke Wiley Stock Screener

Luke Wiley and his 52-week low formula “The 52-week low formula” is a stock investment strategy created by Luke Wiley, senior vice president of investments at UBS’s Wiley Wealth Management Group in Cincinnati. His book, entitled The 52-Week Low Formula: A Contrarian Strategy That Lowers Risk, Beats the Market and Overcomes Human Emotion, combines some […]

Price to Earnings Stock Screener

The price-earnings (P/E) ratio, or earnings multiple, is one of the most popular measures of company value. It is computed by dividing the current stock price by earnings per share (EPS) for the most recent 12 months. It is followed so closely because it relates the market’s expectation of future company performance, embedded in the […]

David Fish Stock Screener

David Fish and the “Dividends CCC” American investment expert David Fish started his career as a senior accountant, and later became the executive editor of The Moneypaper in 1999, in which published “The Guide to Dividend Reinvestment Plans”. David Fish is the author of the U.S. Dividend Champions information service also called “Dividends CCC” (Champions, […]

Ken Fisher Stock Screener

Ken Fisher and the Price to Sales (P/S) Ratio American stock investment expert Kenneth Fisher is the youngest son of Philip A. Fisher, another investment legend on our platform, who has authored three books, most notably “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”. After studying forestry Kenneth worked for his father and subsequently started his own company, […]

Marc Reinganum Stock Screener

Marc Reinganum — Finding the Traits of Stock Market Winners American investment expert Marc Reinganum is currently a senior investment manager with the world’s second largest asset manager State Street Global Advisors. He’s been featured on the cover of Money Magazine, had press exposure in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, Smart Money, etc., […]

Philip Fisher Stock Screener meetinvest

Philip Fisher — 68 Years in the Saddle American investment legend Philip Fisher (1907-2004) worked for a stock exchange firm for a short time before starting his own money management company, Fisher & Co., in 1931. He managed the company’s affairs until his retirement in 1999 at the age of 91, and is reported to […]

Colin Nicholson Stock Screener

Australian private investor, author and teacher, Colin Nicholson, is a man who’s been investing his own money for over 45 years will surely resonate with many of you. An Active Approach Colin Nicholson approaches investing actively, and looks to take advantage of trends running from several months to several years. He mostly concentrates on second […]

Robert Hagstrom Stock Screener

Robert Hagstrom — Professional Investment Strategist From 1984 to 1989, American investor Robert Hagstrom was a financial advisor for Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. and then portfolio manager with First Fidelity Bank from 1989 to 1991. He later served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Legg Mason Focus Capital, General Partner of Focus Capital […]

Martin Zweig Stock Screener

Martin Zweig — Investing with Data Studies American investment legend Martin Zweig began his career in the 1970s as an investment newsletter writer and contributed numerous articles to Barron’s Magazine. He went on to become a successful and influential investment adviser on Wall Street, known for his exhaustive data studies. The Zweig Forecast was the […]

Phil Town Stock Screener

Phil Town — A Rafter Turned Investor. After serving in the US Army Green Beret, American investor Philip Bradley Town became a rafter leading expeditions down the Colorado River. After an incident that nearly ended in catastrophe, Town took on the words of a fellow rafter, who advised Phil that he could be doing better […]

John Neff Stock Screener

After legendary American investor John Neff joined the Wellington Management Co. in 1964, he became the portfolio manager of the Windsor, Gemini and Qualified Dividend funds. He retired in 1995 after 31 years (1964-1995) of market-beating investment results while the Vanguard Windsor Fund during his tenure as portfolio manager averaged +13.7% against the S&P 500 […]

James OShaughnessy Stock Screener meetinvest

Meet James O’Shaugnessy’s Tiny Titans Introducing a unique small/micro-cap strategy called “tiny titans,” which was developed and introduced by James O’Shaugnessy in his 2006 book, “Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow“. James O’Shaugnessy is also present on meetinvest with a value and a growth strategy. A Simple Investment Strategy Tiny Titans looks for cheap small caps […]

Peter Lynch Stock Screener meetinvest

Born in 1944, legendary American stock investor Peter Lynch is perhaps the greatest mutual fund manager of all time with his fund being among the highest-ranked stock funds from its inception in 1977 to his retirement in 1990. The fund returned +29.2% p.a. almost doubling the S&P 500’s +15.8% p.a. over that time. Invest In […]

Joel Greenblatt Stock Screener

Born in 1957, American expert stock investor Joel Greenblatt is the founder, managing principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Gotham Asset Management, the successor to Gotham Capital, a New York City based investment firm he founded in 1985. Greenblatt likes stocks that are “cheap and good”. He likes stocks that are “cheap” relative to earnings […]

Jim Slater Stock Screener meetinvest

Born in 1929, British expert stock investor James Derrick Slater (Jim Slater) is the pioneer of the “Price-Earnings to Growth” or PEG ratio. This simple equation combines uniquely, growth and value investing and compares a company’s price-earnings (P/E) ratio with its expected, or estimated, earnings per share (EPS) growth rate. Jim, as they call him, […]