FinovateSping 2016 has come to a close. It was a whirlwind couple of days and we had a fantastic time presenting our single-stock, expert-based Robo Advisor to a record-breaking crowd. FinovateSpring 2016 had the highest attendance rate in its history (> 1550), so we wanted to make sure we gave our best! We are so […]

meetinvest CITY A.M. - Investment Democrats

By Harriet Green – CITY A.M. Harriet Green talks investment experts, Asian expansion and putting £1m of your own savings on the line with the founders of meetinvest, Michel and Maria Jacquemai Last summer, Michel Jacquemai found himself under a pile of books by investment experts. The portfolio manager, former Credit Suisse vice president, partner […]

The Times The New Trend Clicking with DIY Investors - meetinvest

By David Budworth – The Times Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used by hundreds of millions of people everyday and have revolutionised communication. Now, networking techniques are being employed by a growing number of websites that claim to be able to help you become a better investor. Each does things […]

meetinvest UK Guru stock portfolio performance

• UK expert portfolio reveals fully transparent access to current investments • Homepage refreshed, updated and re-developed to enhance user experience and information access • Research shows 45% of UK adults find the stock market and data available to them “confusing” – many more would be likely to invest if given access to comprehensive information […]

meetinvest the daily telegraph

Following yesterday’s article in The Daily Telegraph, we were very pleased to see a surge in sign-ups on meetinvest and have almost doubled our user numbers! It makes us very happy to see that there is great interest in meetinvest. We are constantly trying to find ways in which to improve our service to you […]

warren buffett the telegraph meetinvest

By Rebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor – Daily Telegraph / The Telegraph A free platform, which is giving away investment formulas based on the strategies used by multi-millionaire investors, is hoping to democratise stock market investment Ordinary people can now invest as Warren Buffett, James Slater or Sir John Templeton do by using a free algorithm […]

Maria Jacquemai CEO / Co-Founder

Wednesday, November 12th 2014, meetinvest’s CEO and Co-Founder Maria Jacquemai was featured on BBC World News. Check out the interview below:

meetinvest stocks investing strategies

• ‘Financial Facebook’ empowers retail investors to invest like a professional, as well as link individuals with like-minded people to exchange ideas, share experiences and connect • Research shows 45% of UK adults find the stock market and information available to them as “confusing” • 39% of UK adults would be more likely to invest […]

meetinvest bagaar

I recently reached a point in my life when I, like many others, started to think about investing. I’m no millionaire, but I’ve saved some money for a while now and I don’t want to lose it. I want to make my money work for me, but how do I know what, when, and how […]