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“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right,” Oprah once toasted.

These words continue to ring through – 2016 is another opportunity for us to “get it right”. Here’s our chance to start fresh – with a positive attitude – and open our arms and hearts to the possibilities of new beginnings.

Let’s rewind and step back in thoughts for a bit.

Co-founders Maria and Michel Jacquemai started with the belief that the tools Wall Street professionals use should be available to everyone at no cost! It’s the simple vision of empowering the average investor to invest like an expert, and connect with other like-minded people.

Fast forward a little more than 1.5 years, more than 80,000 users have signed up with meetinvest!

In honour of taking charge of making money work for you, here at meetinvest, we thought – why not, let’s help others start investing the right way?

As such, we have prepared a hand-held walkthrough to help you with using meetinvest the right way:

Register & Sign In

meetinvest - Register & Sign In

meetinvest – Register & Sign In

Well, we figured this is pretty much self explanatory. Simply register for an account on, fill in the required fields and await a confirmation email. Validate your email, and voilà! You’re all set.

My Feed

meetinvest - My Feed

meetinvest – My Feed

Once logged in, you will land on your “My Feed” page. This page displays posts from people and groups you are following. In the beginning, you will see content based on your selected interests – which also explains why you are required to choose at least 2 interests during the registration process!

Insights – Investment Know-Hows

meetinvest - Register & Sign In

meetinvest – Insights

Before jumping right into using the stock-screening tool, we suggest you take a look at the “Insights” page to get a better view on the world of investing. This page features investing know-hows in simplified and understandable language. Essentially, we drop the financial jargon so things get a whole lot simpler for you!

Investing revolves around the “What”, “How” and “When” sections.

meetinvest - What

meetinvest – What

In the “What” section, you’ll see the many strategies from investment experts that we’ve replicated for you. Click on any of the strategies, and you will see a brief summary of the investment experts’ strategy, success formula, and hypothetical back-tested strategy dating back to the year 2000.

meetinvest - How

meetinvest – How

In the “How” section, you can find a great deal of information on the foundations of investment.

meetinvest - When

meetinvest – When

In the “When” section, we talk about the right timing to invest. We focus on special strategies that scrutinise the different phases of the stock market that are best for buying and selling. This means you can explore and figure out on your own, where you stand as an investor.

Now that you know a bit about these strategies, let’s put the strategy to use!

Run Strategies

meetinvest - Run Strategies

meetinvest – Run Strategies

Click on “Run Strategies”, and “Create a new basket”. Fill in the necessary fields, and don’t forget to click on the specific strategy you want to run! Choose the region that you want to invest in, and save your basket.

Now, you’ll receive notifications on new stocks that become eligible for your basket, as well as those that no longer fit the strategy’s criteria.

With this basket created, you can easily access the reference on the “Run Strategies” page.

How to screen stocks?

meetinvest - How to screen stocks

To make sure you do not select stocks that have a recent negative price history, we’ve created the “Traffic Lights” system!

Simply put, as long as the marker shows red, it pays to wait. Once it turns green, you can go with the uptrend.

Exporting the selected stocks

meetinvest - My Strategy

meetinvest – My Strategy

You can also choose to export the full table of selected stocks if you’d like to further research on each individual stock or get invested with your personal brokerage of choice!

If you’d like to share your selected basket on social media or email, simply click “Share” on the respective baskets.

Extra, extra!

We’re more than just a free stock-screening tool and insights to investing.

Here at meetinvest, it’s a vibrant social site as well. You can follow others to stay up to date on their posts, as well as share your own thoughts, strategies and interesting links.

Following other people and joining groups based on similar interests is a great way to get the most out of our platform!

meetinvest - Helpful Posts

meetinvest – Helpful Posts

If you see a post you like, you can mark the specific post as “Helpful”. This is a meaningful way to show others that you appreciate their post or comments. The more “helpfuls” you receive, the higher you will be ranked in the meetinvest community.

All posts you marked as helpful, will be saved for your easy access.

Start your year of investment the right way!

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to the world of meetinvest, what are you waiting for?

Run strategies, connect with other users, create groups, and start investing like an expert today!

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