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Even though FinovateEurope 2016 has come to an end, we’re still raveling at our experience from the conference! You could safely say that we’re all suffering from a post-Finovate fever!

FinovateEurope 2016 also happens to be meetinvest’s first conference – and we are truly humbled by the overwhelming responses from the crowd. So here’s a big shout out and thank you to all of you who were there!

Here’s a recap on what went down at Finovate!

Demo Day: 9 February 2016

Morning – Afternoon:

Warren Buffett dropped by Finovate!

Warren Buffett dropped by Finovate!

Picture from: http://www.syngenio.com/de/blog/posts/ngf/Finovate-Europe-2016-Die-wichtigsten-Perspektiven.php

Did you get your hands on one of these?

After months of preparation, the folks at meetinvest were rearing to go! People were surprised by the masks that were handed out at our booth with the help of our 4 models.

Finovate Warren Buffett meetinvest

meetinvest’s Warren Buffett masks at FinovateEurope 2016

Participants who attended Day 1 of Finovate would probably have been given one of these Warren Buffett masks, or at least seen others fiddling with the masks! We dare say that curiousity has been set for the day.

Intermissions + Breaks:

This was perhaps one of our favourite segments, as we got to meet many potential clients. While having refreshments, many took time to drop by the meetinvest booth where we were also giving out masks, to find out more about what we were about and to receive a sneak-preview of the Robo.

Here’s Maria Jacquemai, CEO and Co-Founder of meetinvest speaking to a guest who was at our booth!

Maria Jacquemai at meetinvest booth

Maria Jacquemai at meetinvest booth

We were more than happy to demonstrate and explain further on the white label version of meetinvest.com. Of course, we urged everyone to swing by and listen to our demo at 4pm that afternoon.

Michel Jacquemai, CIO & Co-Founder of meetinvest, was also eager to share about the white label version of meetinvest with guests at the booth!

Michel Jacquemai at meetinvest booth

Michel Jacquemai at meetinvest booth


We wanted to pique people’s interests in meetinvest further. Here’s when we stopped giving out masks.

Instead, we started handing out a document explaining why investment strategies work. This served as a setting for our demo at 4pm later.

We hoped this teased the audience enough!


4PM – It’s showtime! We were the final presenter of the day, and we had 7 minutes to take centre stage.

The pressure was on, as we wanted everyone at Finovate to see the full potential of meetinvest. We needed to end the day with a bang!

And boy, did Michel not disappoint. CIO & Co-Founder Michel Jacquemai kept his calm, and did a superb job in the short 7 minutes.

Michel Jacquemai taking centrestage

Michel Jacquemai taking centrestage

Watch out for the demo video that will be made available on the Finovate archives blog soon!


Of course, while we were hoping to get some crowd at our booth after the demo, we certainly did not anticipate being flooded by questions immediately after the demo!

The entire networking session was spent meeting and speaking to many potential partners. It is true when they say that Finovate is truly where you realize new potential revenue steams and business opportunities!

It was simply brilliant to receive positive feedbacks from the crowd – we are truly humbled by companies who have expressed interests from all over the world.

These include countries such as United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Georgia, Dubai, India, Bangalore, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, Jamaica and of course the United States of America.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for meetinvest and its potential partners!

It’s a wrap!

Following the Finovate event, we’ve been featured in a couple of articles and blogs. We can’t be any happier to create a buzz in the FinTech marketplace!

Here are some of the articles we’ve been featured in!

An Evaluation of meetinvest by Verdict Financial

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Finovate Europe 2016: The Main Perspectives

Oh, and check out an interview of Maria & Michel at Finovate!

We cannot wait for our next conference, but meanwhile, we need to recover from this Finovate fever!

Till next time,

Team meetinvest

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