Historical monthly relative performance

Lots of users have asked us an important question recently:

“How do I see the outperformance developments over time, if it’s increasing or shrinking?”

To answer this question, we have programmed a statistical analysis graph – the so-called “historical monthly relative performance”.

Currently on meetinvest, you may only look at the hypothetical back-tested performance graph of a particular expert strategy that displays two return lines which compares the strategy against the benchmark index.

A sample of how it currently looks like, based on James Derrick Slater’s “Future PEG – Zulu” strategy, is displayed below:

Hypothetical Peformance Back-Tested meetinvest

However, with our new performance analysis tool added into the mix, we now measure for you each month, the difference between the hypothetical back-tested expert strategy return and the benchmark index return.

This difference is also known amongst professional investors as the “alpha”. The “alpha” or excess return above the benchmark index, is the component of a portfolio’s performance that arises from the fact that a expert investment strategy selects better performing stocks than those available in the benchmark index.

Take a look at the new graph below:

Historical Monthly Relative Performance meetinvest

How can you read this graph?

• A green bar shows how much the expert strategy outperformed (in %) the benchmark index in a particular month.
• A red bar shows how much the expert strategy underperformed the benchmark index in a particular month.

In general: the more green bars there are, and the bigger they are compared to the red bars, the better it is!

→ Take a look at this new performance analysis tool of expert investor James Slater here. You’ll also find this tool available on all expert strategies.

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