Benjamin Volk Quantitative Investment Analyst meetinvest

By Dr. Benjamin Volk, Quantitative Investment Analyst at meetinvest: While I was catching up with a good friend of mine (who lately discovered meetinvest) over a cup of coffee last weekend, he asked me the following question, which I felt might be of general interest: “What should I do if a stock is no longer […]

Historical monthly relative performance

Lots of users have asked us an important question recently: “How do I see the outperformance developments over time, if it’s increasing or shrinking?” To answer this question, we have programmed a statistical analysis graph – the so-called “historical monthly relative performance”. Currently on meetinvest, you may only look at the hypothetical back-tested performance graph […]

meetinvest traffic lights

Once you have created a stock basket using one of the expert stock screens, the next key question is: when should you buy those stocks? Most people can’t resist a good bargain and rush out and buy the respective stocks only to experience their new holdings decreasing in value. Their mistake is not looking at […]