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Investing goes iPhone: find out what your choice of free mobile apps has to do with how you could be investing in the future and read this interesting analogy that meetinvest Co-founder Michel Jacquemai presented at the Exchange Traded Products Day in Zurich. 

As an investor or a professional member of the financial industry, it is difficult to get around news on finance 2.0 these days. Investing and trading have arrived in the digital age, but it is arguable whether the established financial institutions have. One of many events that lately aim at shedding a light on some of the most important players in the digital investing age was the latest edition of the Exchange Traded Products Day (ETPD), organised by the SIX Swiss Exchange on Thursday, 16 October 2014 in Zurich.

meetinvest Co-founder Michel Jacquemai was asked to participate in a panel dedicated to finance 2.0 and investing in the digital world. Michel was joined by representatives of three other front running online investor services, namely Lucas Bruggeman of Sentifi AG, Dominique Riedl of justETF, and Thomas Müller of voola GmbH, as well as finance blogger and moderator Christian König, who runs the award-winning Finanzprodukt blog. While the audience of about 200 interested investors and finance professionals was still rather divided about the practicality of online tools in investment, the panellists were one in the opinion that knowledge aggregation on investment topics via online resources is definitely on the rise and has an impact on the decisions taken by an investor.

“There is a lack of basic investment knowledge transmission in Europe.”

Michel remarked that there is a lack of basic investment knowledge transmission in Europe. While Asian countries like Singapore have launched public financial education programmes already, knowledge provision on the topic of investing is limited to a few European players only and rarely comes for free. As a response to the growing do-it-yourself and sharing mentality that is especially put forward by the generation of digital natives, the services of meetinvest directly feed the need for more knowledge intake by giving away information on the investment strategies of well-known investors for free. The back testing and stock screening applications that let any user apply the strategies to their preferred markets complete and personalise this offer. As Michel puts it: “Twenty years ago everybody had the same kind of settings and applications on their mobile phones. Today, each device is fully customisable thanks to a multitude of applications and settings, and this is how people will look at their investment options in the future as well.”

“New players are pushing the development of the sharing economy in the investment field.”

Asked about his future vision of the investment world, Michel shared his conviction that more players will join the sharing economy in the investment field. Those that push and share valuable information freely will contribute to the democratisation of the investment industry and pose competition to the established financial institutions that have fared too well on the basis of their profits for too long and now wake up to a new reality where platforms like meetinvest are amongst the frontrunners of these new developments.

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