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Michael O’Higgins — Dogs of the Dow

Stock investing expert Michael O’Higgins’ ‘Dogs of the Dow’ investment strategy on meetinvest offers a formulaic method for beating the market. The frequently published investor is best known for his books ‘Beating the Dow’ and its follow-up ‘Beating the Dow with Bonds’.

Finding the Dogs

When Michael O’Higgins talks about dogs, he’s referencing to high-yielding stocks that have temporarily lost favour among the public and are therefore underpriced. O’Higgins believes that the public’s knee-jerk reaction to stocks creates favourable situations for knowledgeable investors. He provides two variations on his strategy with 10 stocks and five stocks, although the five-stock variation entails more risk. Both strategies also require constant reassessment.

Michael O’Higgins Background and Credentials

O’Higgins holds a BSc in Economics from Siena College, New York, and worked for Procter & Gamble before venturing into investment with Spencer Trask & Co and White, Weld & Co, before starting his own money management firm. He’s well published and regularly appears on PBS’s Nightly Business Report.

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