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On September 23rd I had the opportunity to visit the datacenter where our meetinvest servers are located. The meetinvest servers are not just secure from a legal point of view, but also from a physical point of view, as I was about to found out for myself:

After arriving at the datacenter in Zurich, I was welcomed by an employee of our hosting company. As we entered, from what seemed to be an unremarkable building, I realized that this building had a few surprises waiting on the inside. Located at the top floor, the datacenter welcomes it visitors with a security door system, which can only be opened by a fingerprint sensor. (Technically two door systems, one for humans one for goods).



The security door system for humans looks like two telescoped tubes: the outer tube has two entries, whereas the inner tube only has one. After activating the door, the inner tube spins around like a revolver door, so that one person at a time can enter the “two-tube system”. A white circle on the ground shows the correct place to stand, and even if one has not exactly the shoulder size of a professional rugby player, there is barely enough space to fit into the tubes. It would not be a comfortable place to be if you are claustrophobic, especially due to the fact that after activating the door again, you have to wait until the inner tube turns 180 degrees to be able to exit the not-so-spacious tube system.

In a nutshell: Your data on meetinvest is not just legally secure with our servers on Swiss soil, but also physically protected in the best possible way!

After passing the security door another door with a biometric security system awaits the visitor. After entering this door, warm winds make you feel glad to wear glasses and the constant noise of the cooling systems welcomes you to the constant 23 degrees Celsius of the datacenter. The very impressive and seemingly endless server rack farm is well protected by tons of security cameras and every time you look to the ceiling at least 5 of these security cameras check you out and make sure you don’t gain access to the incorrect individually locked server racks. If I should have still had any doubts about the security of our servers at this stage, the pure facts would have certainly convinced me that our servers are not just legally secure, but also physically.

The stats of the facility are really quite impressive:
• 1000sqm datacenter area
• Redundant air-conditioning with cold-aisle containments
• Multiple fire and smoke detectors
• Inbuilt fire extinguishers
• Dual modular UPS uninterruptible power source with backup Diesel generators
• Biometric access system
• Individually secured racks
• Multiple security cameras

In a nutshell: Your data on meetinvest is not just legally secure with our servers on Swiss soil, but also physically protected in the best possible way!

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