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Watch out, London. Team meetinvest is arriving on your shores (again)!

Come February 9 and 10, meetinvest will return to where we first began. We’ve mentioned this previous, but we’ll shout it again!

We’re going to FinovateEurope 2016! (Read more about it here.)

Just a little more than one and a half years ago, CEO and Co-Founder Maria Jacquemai was in London for a news feature on BBC World News. How time flies!

Maria spoke about the continuing problem of trust and credibility within the financial system, which eventually landed her on the big idea of meetinvest. Did you miss it?

Watch the feature here:

Next week, meetinvest founders, Michel and Maria Jacquemai will for the first time, demo the meetinvest commercial version: a single-stock, expert-based, algorithm driven Robo advisor featuring an expert-team builder, a portfolio builder and a portfolio management tool. This Robo adviser acts like your personal digital advisor!

“We’re extremely thrilled to be part of the community that seeks to push the envelope and drive fintech forward with more original thinking,” said Michel Jacquemai, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) & Co-Founder of meetinvest.

“The fun part about this? I guess we’ve got yet another reason to visit London!”

Don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity?

It’s easy: Go to our free version and start exploring! Sign up for your account today!

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