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Jordan Kimmel — “MAGNET” Stock Screener

Jordan Kimmel, like many of our featured experts, has his own unique take on investing and has built his strategy with a combination of value, growth and momentum investment styles.

Pulling Investors Into Shares

When applying the MAGNET approach, investors should be drawn into shares as if drawn in by a magnet. This approach requires the investor to be aware of eight core features of a stock, including management, earnings, growth and timing.

Kimmel also emphasises revenue growth over earnings growth. For anyone who has read William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM approach to investing, Kimmel’s MAGNET approach offers an interesting variation and is a successful strategy in its own right.

Kimmel’s Background and Credentials

Kimmel holds a BA in Economics and an MSc in Urban Policy Sciences from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He’s currently the Market Strategist of National Asset Management and regularly appears on ABC and CNBC, while also hosting his own weekly radio show entitled ‘Profitable Investing with Jordan Kimmel’.

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