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Numerous users have contacted us asking for a feature that would allow them to create baskets consisting of more than one expert, and we are excited to now launch this new feature on meetinvest!

In periods where stock prices are less attractive, it can happen that there are not enough stocks in a particular expert basket for a selected country. To mitigate this situation, you can now expand the expert universe with a few clicks and thus have potentially more attractive stocks on your list.

In addition, some of you may only want to invest in a particular country or region and are not particular about which expert screen created the stocks to be considered. This new feature now further allows you to create country or regional baskets.


Click the red button ‘Run Strategies’, followed by ‘create new basket’ and you will see the new feature where you can click either multiple or all strategies and the countries of interest.

Multiple Stock Expert Strategy Screen on meetinvest

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it useful. Give it a try on meetinvest!

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