meetinvest corporate launch

A big step for us – a small one for you.

In case you haven’t seen it already, we have rolled-out our corporate website on

While our free stock screening tool doesn’t change for you –and nor for any other 130.000+ users, the web address (URL), however, has slightly changed. What was is now

The reason for this division is a strategic business decision.

To keep the stock screening tool free, we knew we needed to generate revenues at some point during our journey. The best way was to build a fully fledged investment system, the so-called single stock, expert-based Robo-Advisor, that goes way beyond simple stock screening but includes the whole investment process from A-Z.

Hence, we needed to define and differentiate the two propositions, not least to send a clear message to our future business partners regarding the Robo offer.

Due to the very wide scope of screening stocks in 128 countries there isn’t a realistic way to market such a product of this kind to all those countries ourselves. Therefore, we decided to do this by entering partnerships with financial institutions around the world who can then provide this full automated investment service to their under-serviced clients.

So if you want to hand-over the investment task (you are doing manually today) to our new Robo-Advisor and make use of all additional features, watch out for the upcoming cooperation announcements that may well be related to the country you live in. You can accelerate this process and help us by speaking to your bank so they team up with us and you can use our new Robo-Advisory service even sooner.

Among the key features of our new Robo-Advisor is a tool that monitors day-to-day every single stock in your portfolio and checks a) if it still meets the expert criteria and b) if it’s still in an uptrend. If it doesn’t, you get automatically notified to replace it and can then choose from 3 alternatives – always the top ranked with the highest likelihood to outperform. It literally acts like your personalized digital investment advisor.

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to your bank and help us change the way the world invests!

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